Providing the structural engineering for Deluxe has been a challenging and rewarding experience. They are supportive and creative, thinking to the next step to grab a better way to “build a box”. They maintain a respect for the structure, allowing us to stretch the limits of modular construction.
- Jan Vacca, P.E., LEED AP Vice President, The Harman Group, Inc. Structural Engineers & Parking Consultants
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Why DeLuxe Building Systems?

Why DeLuxe?

All of the features, benefits, and advantages of system-built construction, plus a few of our own.


Structural steel framing and non-combustible construction up to 12 stories above grade.

DeLuxe’s 250,000 square foot production facility utilizes state of the art equipment for efficienct steel fabrication and precision machining.

Our unique module alignment system establishes accurate placement and allows us to quickly set modules.


With nearly a half a century of systems-built construction experience, DeLuxe understands what it takes to do the job properly, from start to finish.

DeLuxe has the most rapid steel-framed modular production capacity in the industry. This is most important when your project is defined by a tightly compressed building schedule.

Our union shop employs seasoned professionals that produce high quality workmanship, and we integrate well with local unions.


DeLuxe doesn’t leave you with unfinished modules that you need to “figure out.” We completely finish the job from the module bearing plates up. We can bond our performance, and we guarantee our pricing.

Why DeLuxe Building Systems?  

Why DeLuxe Building Systems?