Providing the structural engineering for Deluxe has been a challenging and rewarding experience. They are supportive and creative, thinking to the next step to grab a better way to “build a box”. They maintain a respect for the structure, allowing us to stretch the limits of modular construction.
- Jan Vacca, P.E., LEED AP Vice President, The Harman Group, Inc. Structural Engineers & Parking Consultants
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Why Modular Construction?

The advantages of modular construction really stack up.

DeLuxe Building Solutions Modular Construction Flyer.

See for yourself with this side-by-side comparison.

  Systems-Built Construction Conventional Construction 
Speed: Year-round assembly with up to 50% faster time to occupancy.  Longer construction schedules due to sequential building process and weather delays.

Site preparation and component construction proceed concurrently

Primary components arrive on your site up to 85% complete and ready to set permanently into place.

 Each step depends on the preceding step, creating a potential for cascading delays in the project.
Security: Your building envelope is completed in days and materials are locked away from pilferage.  Building materials are insecure for longer periods of time, tempting thieves and potentially costing you money.
Quality: Consistent high quality components are produced by full-time professionals within a controlled environment while protected from the weather. Inconsistent quality caused by differences in weather, labor, and jobsite conditions.
Health: A “Greener” way to build. Construction has a low impact on site surroundings and is environmentally friendly. Finished buildings have cleaner air quality.  Construction causes long term disruption on site and produces more landfill waste.  Exposed building materials encourage possible mold growth, producing poor air quality.
Expansion: Systems fundamental design means expandability is built into each project. Engineering requirements are significant.

Less time paying interest on financing.

Revenue from occupancy begins up to 50% faster

Financing is required over a longer timeframe.

Occupancy revenue is lower because of longer time to finish.

Expensive replacement of building materials is possible due to pilferage and weather damage.

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