Providing the structural engineering for Deluxe has been a challenging and rewarding experience. They are supportive and creative, thinking to the next step to grab a better way to “build a box”. They maintain a respect for the structure, allowing us to stretch the limits of modular construction.
- Jan Vacca, P.E., LEED AP Vice President, The Harman Group, Inc. Structural Engineers & Parking Consultants
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Steel Construction

The strength of steel construction. The quality of DeLuxe.

Deluxe Building Systems modules are always steel-framed because steel construction provides multiple benefits over other materials for construction projects.

The inherent strength of steel creates buildings that are exceptionally strong, stable, and durable and also makes it possible to carry longer spans than wood-framed construction.

When combined with fire suppression systems, non-combustible structural steel meets the stringent requirements of building codes nationwide and earns a Fire Safety Insurance premium reduction. 

Steel is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. In fact, building with steel earns additional points for projects striving for LEED® certification.

It also reduces the amount of scrap and waste by approximately 18% and increases a building’s life expectancy.

So when you choose DeLuxe Building Systems you’re not only getting the best construction method but also the best materials.


Steel Construction