Providing the structural engineering for Deluxe has been a challenging and rewarding experience. They are supportive and creative, thinking to the next step to grab a better way to “build a box”. They maintain a respect for the structure, allowing us to stretch the limits of modular construction.
- Jan Vacca, P.E., LEED AP Vice President, The Harman Group, Inc. Structural Engineers & Parking Consultants
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Architects & Engineers

The modular construction method that works for you 


Simplified Layouts – Sharpen your modular skills with the use of our predesigned building patterns. DeLuxe has simplified the process by developing systematically proportionate modular layouts for each living area of your building project. This helpful tool expedites the learning curve which is typically inherent when working with an unfamiliar system.

Flexibility – When unique creativity is required, DeLuxe brings design flexibility to the table for you. Our experienced staff will introduce you to the typical parameters and will help guide your team through the design process. Our intention is not to inhibit your creativity, but to help value engineer the cost point for your customer.

Exterior Skin – Brick, metal, vinyl, wood……You name it. Whatever exterior finish you require can be planned into your modular project. Much like conventional construction, where the building is framed, roofed and closed in before the exterior finish is applied, almost any type of skinning material can be utilized to support your creative curb appeal.

Teamwork – Our dedication to Construction Simplified does not end with the introduction. Our full drafting team, assigned to each project and led by a seasoned Engineering Project Coordinator, will work with your design team through the completion of each project. We realize what it takes to win the game, and nobody wins without all of the right players……welcome to the team!

from the company that works with you.


Steel Super Structure – We’re not in the business of light duty trailers. Our Steel Frame modular system enables your team to develop low, mid and high-rise structures without compromising the time savings of systematic modular construction. Over 48 years have been invested into the development of our leading technology which ensures building stability while allowing for longer clear span designs. 

Safety - Our steel building methods, teamed with other non-combustible products, create the assemblies which are necessary for many safety requirements.

Accuracy – A substantial part of DeLuxe’s union shop is complemented by automated steel fabrication technology. Our investment in steel component fabrication sets us apart from any competition as far as construction accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Most construction companies measure tolerance within a quarter inch, while DeLuxe measures tolerances down to three-thousandths of an inch.

Technology – Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We say that a picture is worthless if you can’t build from it. DeLuxe has the building sciences and construction technologies to integrate design with function. In other words…you can count on DeLuxe within your calculations.