We were looking for an application that would accelerate the construction cycle and enhance quality control. We probably saved three or four months of construction time on the site.
- John C. Tsunis, President and CEO, Long Island Hotels
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Move tenants in faster with faster moving construction.

The sooner you start renting units the sooner you start generating income. Which is why Deluxe Building System’s modular approach is the ideal method for apartment construction.

Each of the steel-framed modules are built within our 400,000 square foot indoor facility which eliminates most weather delays and then delivered to your site ready for installation under our on-site team’s supervision.

Stop paying construction loans and start filling your units faster with Deluxe Building System. Call 1-800-843-7372 now to start collecting rent up to 50% faster.

You can learn more about the modular building located in New York City here. (image on the right side). 

Broadway New York