We were looking for an application that would accelerate the construction cycle and enhance quality control. We probably saved three or four months of construction time on the site.
- John C. Tsunis, President and CEO, Long Island Hotels
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NYC Beach Comfort Stations

In late October 2012, with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, a significant portion of the East Coast of the United States was struggling to cope with the enormous task of rebuilding its infrastructure. New York City’s Park Department was no exception. Having lost all of the lifeguard towers, beach offices and comfort stations to the storm, they realized the urgency of replacing those facilities in time for the following summer season, a mere 7 months away. Recognizing the only way to possibly achieve that goal would be through the use of modular construction, Brooklyn architect Garrison Architects fast tracked and presented a winning design. Read more about this project.

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Specialty - Comfort Station

New York City Beach Restoration Project.

Specialty - Interior Comfort Station

New York City Beach Restoration Project.