We were looking for an application that would accelerate the construction cycle and enhance quality control. We probably saved three or four months of construction time on the site.
- John C. Tsunis, President and CEO, Long Island Hotels
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About DeLuxe Building Systems

Deluxe Building Systems: on the forefront of the modular industry since 1965.

Our founder, Don Meske, has worked in modular housing since the 1950s – and has overseen the growth of Deluxe at our Berwick headquarters since the mid ’60s.

The expertise developed at DeLuxe over the last half a century has shaped a construction method that surpasses anything available through stick-building or less-refined system-built approaches. Our method saves time, delivers unprecedented quality, and extends the capabilities of system-built construction in exciting new directions: drawing sophistication, exceptional ease of setting, total integration between factory and field, and much more.

DeLuxe Building Systems operates nearly 400,000 square foot climate controlled construction facility with enough capacity to build over two million square feet per year. We provide building solutions to our customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and the Caribbean.

Mission Statement

Our commitment is to add value for our clients through innovative modular construction techniques while providing the highest quality products and services. We will promote an environment that supports integrity and respect, in addition to personal and corporate growth. We are dedicated to maintaining a level of exceptional performance to our clients, and outstanding professionalism to all.

About DeLuxe Building Systems